KillaCycle goes Kiwi!

The KillaCycle and crew have been invited to race in New Zealand this coming January and Feburary. This is REALLY going to be fun to race the Killacycle “upside down”.
Team Greenstage is making the arrangements and sponsoring the transport.

We will be racing the KillaCycle at the “New Zealand 4 and Rotary Nationals” on Jan 31st at Fram Autolite Dragway, Meremere and showing it at Greenlane Showground’s, Auckland Jan 30th.

There is a possibility we may be racing the very fastest drag bike in New Zealand, head-to-head, on Jan 27th at Taupo International Dragway, NZ. This should be exciting because the current NZ drag bike record is 7.615 and 172.19 mph. The KillaCycle has managed to go 7.82 and has a best top speed of 174 mph, so this will be a real drag race. No joke. Here is a picture of the bike we might be racing:

 | Athol Williams<br />
Athol Williams

We will be displaying the KillaCycle in several locations (I’ll update as the schedule firms up) during our NZ stay, Jan. 23 to Feb 10th.

3 thoughts on “KillaCycle goes Kiwi!

  1. Hi

    Great to hear you’re heading down to god’s own (NZ)
    I so wanted to see your bike go, the concept has really sparked the imagination.

    Have a safe trip and hopefully we’ll catchup with y’all over here.



  2. I’m a fan, what are you guys up to? No updates since April! I am waiting on you guys to take the record back from Lawless and OCC, come on now… shoot for 180 MPH

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