Green power to recharge the KillaCycle

We have just installed a Cummins-Onan Hybrid Quiet Diesel fully-automatic power system in our race trailer to allow us to recharge the KillaCycle with a low carbon footprint. We run this system on Blue Sun biodiesel fuel.

Since we are often “off-grid” in the pits at the race track, we need to be fully self-contained. This powerful, yet whisper-quiet, 8/10 kW hybrid power system lets us recharge the bike in 7 minutes. When we are not charging the bike, and the power demands are modest, the system switches over to the trailer battery bank and runs completely silently. The switch-over is 100% “bumpless” for the loads we have assigned to be uninterruptable. The system provides uninterrupted, clean, true sine wave power from the battery bank, the biodiesel-fueled generator, or from grid (“shore”) power comletely automatically.

If you have a home that is off the grid, running primarily on solar or wind energy, then this system is the perfect suppliment for those cloudy or windless periods. It will come on automatically (and very very quietly) when your battery bank gets too low or the peak demand exceeds your inverter capacity. It runs very nicely on biodiesel, so you can stay “green” while providing the back-up your solar or wind system sometimes needs.

Here is a photo of the components of the Cummins-Onan HQD System:
 | Cummins-Onan HQD System Cummins-Onan HQD System

You can see the entire installation process in the BioDiesel Power System album in our photo section.

Click on this link to learn more about the Cummin-Onan Hybrid Quiet Diesel systems.

Jim Husted the “Motor Magician”

Jim Husted at Hi-Torque Electric is the fellow that replaces the “magic smoke” in the KillaCycle├é┬« motors when we “let it out” by cramming to many amps, volts, watts, RPM, HP, etc. through the two 6.7 inch diameter motors that push the bike down the track at 168 MPH.

 | Jim Husted (Mr. Motor) and Bill Dube
Jim and Bill at Hi-Torque Electric (Click on picture for a larger image)

As you can see in the picture, Jim keeps very busy rebuilding (and creating) EV motors both new and antique. Each of his motors is obviously a work of love and quality craftmanship.

We are very grateful to Jim Husted for all the expert advice and “tricks” he has shown us that allow the KillaCycle to go as fast as it does on the track. We seem to show our gratitude by pushing his motors “just a bit” too far. ;-) We send back the blackened, plasma-burned, molten blob, remains of the motor, only to have it reappear on the doorstep of my shop a few weeks later, better than it ever was new.