Watch NOVA “Making Stuff: Cleaner” Feb 2nd!

The NOVA show is going to air on PBS this Wednesday evening at 8 PM MST. They will include footage of the KillaCycle at Bandimere Speedway and of me and Eva in our home shop. It was fun to work with David Pogue and the film crew, so that should result in an entertaining segment.
David Pogue in the pits

You can see the video on-line here:
Nova “Making Stuff – Cleaner”

6 thoughts on “Watch NOVA “Making Stuff: Cleaner” Feb 2nd!

  1. What was the little pedal powered bike on the show? Is there more information on that anywhere?

  2. VERY INTERESTING!! I wish they spent more time on your electric pedestrian bike!! Are those sold on the market?!?

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