It had to happen eventually. Shawn Lawless just took the top EV record.

In racing, you never “own” a record, you just “borrow” it for awhile. The KillaCycle “borrowed” the top speed 1/4 mile record for an EV for 10 years continuously, and now, (hopefully briefly,) it is someone else’s turn.

Our feet are to the fire now. The top EV record in the 1/4 mile was just posted by Shawn Lawless on his 900+ HP “Rocket” bike piloted by the famous Larry McBride. They also bested our top MPH of 174 and they are the very first to exceed 175 mph with an EV on the drag strip.

Congratulations to Shawn and Larry McBride. They have worked hard and very much earned the honor of being the fastest EV on the drag strip.

It will be a few months before the weather allows drag racing locally. We are going to spend those months shaving weight from the KillaCycle, and adding just a bit more HP. ;-)

6 thoughts on “It had to happen eventually. Shawn Lawless just took the top EV record.

  1. I know whats out there and like you said its just borrowed…. congrats to shawn and larry.i know what you guys are able to do and it will be back….it will be back

  2. I wanted to comment on what great characters Bill and Eva are. I had the responsiblity to get the Schneider Electric Hybrid Motorcycle designed and built on American Chopper last year. It was Bill and Eva that directed me to Shawn Lawless for a prototype built in under 8 weeks. I suppose, in a backwards sort of way, I returned the “favor” by dreaming up the Lawless drag bike build and creating the competition.
    It is most important to note that Bill and Eva truly represent that which is best within each of us – to achieve great things, not at the expense of others but through the joy of sharing with each other the great talents we each possess.
    I look forward to all the endeavors of each of these pioneers in EV’s and continued good luck to all.

  3. Having seen what you’ve been doing with the KillaCycle in the way of improvements, I think 2011 will be another record-setting year. It’s great to see some competition in the e-drag arena! This kind of thing brings excitement and interest, which is nothing but good for the EV racing genre.

  4. I just want to say that your bike looks a lot better than your EV competition by far. (and those guys actually design bikes) In fact, your bike actually weighs in at around the same as for ‘real’ 1/4 mile racing bikes if there are rules for that. But I am disappointed that drag racing has cut the quarter mile to a thousand feet less without going on to say that perhaps it was for metric purposes (something that you could remember like quarter kilometer). One more note, I noticed the side swerve on the other bike’s run. Do you use dual chains to both sides of the back wheel? I mean if you don’t use chains to power it up… is it all evenly distributed. Keep going for less weight and the more polished, refined look for the bike. I think that your trip to New Zeanland for those codes will pay off in the coming year. Good luck

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