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See the KillaCycle race at Bookman’s Spring Thaw, Apr 14th, Tucson AZ

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KillaCycle will race at the 1st annual Bookman’s Spring Thaw in Tucson on April 14th, 2012. Come and join us and meet Scotty, Bill, Eva and the whole crew.
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  • Hi !!

    My name is In Hyuk Seo.

    I live in Korea, and Motorcycle mania .

     I’d like to buy killacycle’ motorcycle !!.

    Would this be possible?

    If at all possible…

    I would like to know how much the total price.

    I sure would like to purchase !! .

    Please answer me

  • I’m glad you are so enthusiastic about electric racing. The KillaCycle is a purpose-built drag racing motorcycle. We could fabricate a duplicate for about $100,000.
    (This price would not include the very newest type battery pack, but would include the type we were using last year.)

    Bill D.