Zero to 100 mph in 6 sec. Drayson B12/69EV – the KillaCycle team designed and built the pack

Video clip of testing of the Drayson GT race car B12/69EV at MIRA facility in England. (If you are in a hurry, start watching at 1:13 min)

This car clocked zero to 100 MPH in 6 seconds, with very conservative software limits in place for these initial tests.
Drayson has a lot planned for the B12/69EV GT car, so stay tuned…..

The KillaCycle team designed and constructed the battery pack for this vehicle. Mavizen put us together with Drayson and worked all the
logistics. Derek Barger pitched in to help with a portion of the fabrication on this huge pack made from A123Systems cells. Bill did most of the design work, while Eva did most of the fabrication work on the pack.

Some links to more information about the car and about Drayson Racing


This pack uses the new upgraded version of the A123Systems 26650 M1 cells (Called the “M1B” model 26650, not to be confused with “B grade” cells.) In addition to the nifty black stripes printed on the end of the cells, they have more than 10% higher power output and about 10% more energy content in the same size cell. The M1B cells each weigh a touch more than the standard M1 cells.

Bill & Eva