Watch “Green Wheels” on Dish Network 10 PM EDT Sept 4th

Tonight on Equator HDTV (Dish Network,) the premier episode of the series “Green Wheels” will be the KillaCycle Team at Firebird raceway. See us set a new record. Learn all the technical details of the KillaCycle. Perhaps they will show the KillaCycle breaking a dyno at Faster Motorsports. :-)

Here is a link to the teaser:

Click the “Watch Video” tab in the middle of the page!

6 thoughts on “Watch “Green Wheels” on Dish Network 10 PM EDT Sept 4th

  1. I just saw the story including your bike on the show “Eco-Tech”. It is a great example of what’s coming down the road. If you want to reach a target audience of car/bike guys I would encourage you to upload some racing and tech vids to I am affiliated with the site only as a member, but I think your bike vids would go over big and get you more interest in the project. Keep up the good work guys.

    Feel free to post any of the YouTube or Google Video clips on the StreetFire site.
    Bill Dube’

  2. just saw the show, re-ran on the dish, thought it was amazing! i could really use a killa-car to commute to work in. how much do you have invested in the ‘wabbit’? :)

    Send me a copy. I don’t have Dish Network :-(

    The Wabbit conversion cost about $7k with lead-acid batteries. A couple of years later, I upgraded to NiCads for another $10k (ouch!)

  3. I saw the KillaCycle program on Dish Network. Congratulations on taking an electric vehicle to a new level.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the show. We had a lot of fun filming it. Jon is a great guy to work with.

    The “Wabbit” project is great also. Maybe someday we’ll have real electric vehicles for everyday use.

    One thing that really caught my attention was the drop-in car batterty replacement. Is that a real product or just a prototype? If it is real, where might I get one? I’m thinking it will work much better than the lead-acid car batteries for my solar irrigation control sytems.

    We are just finishing up the packaging design. We should be actually selling them in a couple of weeks.

    Keep up the cutting-edge work.

  4. I just saw the show on Optimimum HD cable. Congratulations! Awesome! The guys seemed very interesting. The motorcycle stuff was great, but the people were the story. What a great group of people.

    Their ingenuity, brilliance and stick-to-it-iveness was a real inspiration to what could happen if we really want it badly enough.

    How come the Rabbit, uh Wabbit, never made it to production? It seems like a no brainer. A plug-in car for the masses, wouldn’t that be great. Bill Dube’ could be the high-tech reincarnation of Henry Ford.

    Watch the movie “Who Killed the Electric Car” and you will answer this question for yourself. Seriously. Watch the movie.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Just happend to see your mishap but glad you are OK.I have been doing other things but am picking up where I left off.How are the A-123 cells compare to the TMF cells and what ever happend to Burube?
    I hear A-123 is comming out with an even higher W/KG cell saft has a 6KW/KG cell but will not offer for such applications.
    Are you still running the two L-91 motors.
    Well good luck

  6. What is all the engine coming from before the bike takes off? Is there another bike in the next lane?


    In almost all the videos, you can hear some other vehicle running in the background. The bike makes no noise aside from the chain and the tire.

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