I’m Fine (scapes and cuts) Bike is a little bent….

First off, I’m just a bit scraped up. Embarrassed of course. I had not intended the bike to move in the soapy water, just spin the tire.

Got it slowed down to about 20 mph. Front wheel is bent, as are front forks. Cowling is not nearly as pretty as it was.
Battery box took a hit from the front wheel. Almost certainly, some cells were shorted. No smoke. No fire. Ultra safe cells. Had these been anything but A123 Systems Nano-phosphate cells, shorts would have caused a serious fire.

No major damage. We will have it fixed in short order.

Important to note: Area in front of the bike was CLEARED of ALL PEOPLE. NO ONE was at risk but me. Concrete on both sides of area.

Yes, I am an idiot for not wearing a helmet. :-/

145 thoughts on “I’m Fine (scapes and cuts) Bike is a little bent….

  1. Don´t be so hard on yourself!
    You where riding an electro Rocket. And Rocket starts can go wrong. It was just very unfortunate that this time a Camera was rolling…:)
    Very good to hear, that you are fine and that no major bone is broken. Get well soon!
    You and your Bike still totally rock, Dude!
    Keep up the good work!
    Greetings from Berlin!

  2. Hey man, as long as you’re OK look on the bright side…

    You can’t buy publicity like that, A123 should want to hug you at the moment!

  3. Glad to hear you’re okay, that was a hell of a video. Also nice to know the bike isn’t too heavily damaged.

  4. People make mistakes; at least you’re up front about it. =]

    One random Internet stranger is glad you’re okay.

  5. Good luck, Bill. Very glad to hear you’re OK. That looked really nasty. You might want to consider wearing a helmet next time around, eh?


  6. Looks like you could not have planned it better if you tried to. You just bought yourself $1 million worth of advertising. Good luck with the bike! And be careful with the batteries – I would like to have those in my car someday.

  7. We’re all very happy to hear you are OK.

    Wow…the bike is awesome! *Too* awesome, apparently. ;-)

  8. Don’t worry, we love you, full support and all that. Great publicity from the crash! Glad you’re okay.

  9. Ouch!
    Good to hear you’re ok!
    Also glad to hear you haven’t abandoned the project…. we all do stupid things ( hey, we’re humans! ) but I’m glad you have learned this without major damage!
    Amazing machine you got there!
    Regards from a fellow biker @ Portugal , get well soon!

  10. Amazing stuff !

    I also saw the quarter mile video. Always wear a helmet when you ride your thing. That’s what I keep telling my son (2 1/2). Hopefully he’ll be able to ride an electric bike thanks to your efforts, in 15 years :)

  11. Next time wear a helmet, not wearing one makes you “an idiot”. Grateful you are okay.

    P.S. That was awesome!

  12. I didn’t know about this motorcycle (or A123) until I saw the headline “Killacycle inventor nearly killed demonstrating Killacycle”. I just had to click on the link. I was stunned at how fast that thing accelerated! I am also glad to know that you’re doing OK.

    It sure taught me a lesson. I’ll never get on anything with 400+ frisky ponies without a helmet and full body armor.

    Get well soon Bill!

  13. Just saw the vid, glad to see you are ok and the bike isn’t busted up too badly. Nothing else really needs to be said; I won’t pile on just be more careful next time.

  14. Glad your OK bud.. Next time wear a helmet..
    Im sure the lesson learned here was always wear your gear! take care…

  15. I thought you were a goner, it must be deceptive not having the roar and vibration of a gas powered engine to give you a sense of how much power you are building up. I probably would have done the same thing, it must be tough to let your driver have all the fun.

  16. You’re not an idiot. You’re great!

    Hope you’ll recover quickly and be able to go back to your work very soon.

    Congratulations and all the best! :)

  17. Glad your ok, it could have been a lot worse. Great piece of engineering by the way, now I got to get me some of those batteries.

  18. That was pretty scary… glad you’re ok. That’s an impressive machine. I hope you get it back together soon.

    Can I politely suggest that even for a burnout you may want to wear a helmet? It’d be a shame for someone as creative as you to end up a vegetable (or anyone for that matter.)

  19. Awesome video of the launch. Next time you should wear some protective gear and do this on a drag strip for safety. Other than that, I thought it was an awesome video of what can be done in an electric vehicle.

    Holy crap that was fast!!

  20. Glad you are ok! Well, you can look at the bright side of things:

    I’ve been looking at new battery technology for a EV project… and now I’ve got some new ideasa nd prospects with A123 and your motorcycle design.

    So it was an unfortunately accident, but you’ve reached a whole new group of people and are spreading the EV word. Thanks!!

  21. Glad to hear you are okay-thats the main thing.
    I had never heard of your bike until this accident so you’ve got some PR out of it-very amazing bike, keep working on it……

  22. At least you’re okay- and the publicity from the incident’s drawing attention to the fact that you’ve got something THAT powerful built. A little dumb on the execution of things, but it happens- Lord only knows how many times I’ve done things similar to that. At least the bike’s not toast- and you’re not toast. One would have been a mess, the other a tragedy.

  23. SO glad you are okay. As a roadracer, geek, vintage restorer, total motorcycle addict, I would like to add something for you.

    You already know the line about how to spend a small fortune in racing.

    Do you know the line about cameras?

    If you ever want it all to come apart, do something on a bike for a camera.

    next time please wear helmet at least? We need you and your team helping make fast, clean, green bikes.


  24. Good to hear all is well with you. I could see myself in the exact same situation. Sometimes the unexpected happens, and with a motorcycle (especially a 400hp model) a small thing gets exciting real fast.

  25. Wow, what isn’t mentioned anywhere in the news is how Freakin’ Fast that thing took off. I have Driven a ‘Busa 0-60-0 in just ~ 6.5 seconds. It was SLOW compared to that bike. WOW. That takeoff was so amazing!

  26. You are awesome. That bike is so cool. You crashed. No big deal. You are fine and the bike can be fixed. WOW! Is that thing quick! I can’t believe how fast it took off. Well done. We really need this technology to work. I hope you get back to 100% soon and the damage to the bike doesn’t set you back too much. Take care.

  27. Glad to hear you are OK

    You could not have planned a better publicity stunt., not that you did it on purpose.


  28. I was very impressed. I knew nothing about your bike before watching the video and thought “bullcrap” when you talked about its 0-60 time. And then I saw the bike shoot out like a bat out of hell. And the kicker is, most of the movement I saw was probably not under acceleration as you were most likely frantically trying to get the bike slowed down.

  29. Love the bike.
    Don’t worry, we all do this from time to time, but damn, that was scary!
    Seen these same batteries powering a front wheel driven ebike conversion at 45mph!!
    Luckily in that video there was no minivan.
    Keep up the good work, and be careful, we need guys like you around to make cool stuff for us “closet” engineers….

  30. Bill – Glad you’re ok… watching that clip was frightening… I can only imagine the view from your seat. Don’t be too hard on yourself… stupidity happens to all of us… and the fortunate ones survive it. Welcome to the fortunate ones club… you’re in good company! – Jim

    btw… A123 batteries rock(et)!!!! wow

  31. First time I’ve really seen your bike in action. Wish it was under different circumstances. The good news is you’re okay. The bad news is that the bike is tweaked. The other good news is that more people are learning about your bike, and the thing hauls ass! Wow. =) Good luck fixing her up!

  32. Like many have already posted, I’d suggest wearing a helmet next time! I was a bit shocked to see when you got on the bike that you weren’t wearing one.
    Really glad that you were able to walk away from that with only cuts and scrapes. Hope you’re back on the bike promptly, as that thing is awesome!

  33. Remember kids, clutch left, break right!

    There is no clutch. There is no flywheel. There is no transmission. No need for any of them. Electric motors give instant 100% torque at zero RPM.

  34. They say that no press is bad press. Considering the nature of most motorcyclists, I don’t think your crash is going to deter any of them from wanting to ride the KillaCycle.

  35. After seeing that crash I have just one question and one statement.

    When can i buy one?

    You are my Hero!

  36. You said: “I had to release the front brake to fully untwist the throttle.”

    I trust you built a kill switch into the bike? If so, you need to take a basic motorcycle safety course before you ride again.

    It has _three_ kill switches. One is a lanyard that I attached to my wrist (and remained attached.) Another is on the left handlebar. Another is a switch near the right handlebar. There are two, $900 3000 amp KiloVac safety contactors, one on each power cable coming out of the pack. Pulling the lanyard cuts the positive safety contactor. The switch on the left handle bar cuts the negative safety contactor. The switch near the right handle bar cuts BOTH contactors.

    The main fuse is sized so that, on the strip, if you panic and just cram on the brakes, you will pop the fuse and sut the bike down.

    The bike covers the first 60 ft in just over one second. I managed to figure out the problem and shut it down just before the 60 ft mark. Also notice ho long it takes for me to hit the van compared to the time to accelerate. I _almost_ had it stopped. I needed about 10-20 more feet, which is where I personally came to a stop.

    If not, you need one.

    RE: Your helmet, you were on the bike, the bike was on, you needed to be wearing a helmet. The “I didn’t expect the bike to move” excuse is feeble at best.

  37. You are not an idiot… You are a passionate inovator who didn’t have the normal rider handy so you did what anyone would do… As for the soapy water and the rest, yeh, well that’s Murphey’s law in full power there!

  38. If you really want to make a video to impress your stunna’ buddies, that dialog-intense sound track just ain’t gonna cut it: You gotta dupe in some of your favorite beats if you want credibility. You had the minimal gear and inappropriate location production values down cold, you just need to do a little mixing, and you’re there.

    People will be talking about this one.

    You just had a bad day, and it looked like it was going to get really ugly. On the bright you just made yourself into a legend, and with a single move you’ve advanced the general public’s interest electric motorsports ahead by about 5 years.

    Glad you’re still here to laugh about it with us.

  39. Hey Bill, very very glad to see you are o.k. I knew you were o.k. when I could hear your voice still going even when you were lying prone ;-) So who was that on the back of the bike?

    Do you sell KillaCycle shirts?

  40. Yeah, I found my way here from the video. I don’t think I would have ever heard of Killacycle if not for your spill.

    I learned my lesson about that white concrete all prepped to keep pedestrians from slipping long ago.

    After countless burnouts in my old car, the one and only time I did it on ‘pedestrian-friendly’ concrete resulted in a broken motor mount. It spun up for about 1/4 second and BAM, it caught traction hard.

    Great work on that bike! I’m very impressed that your battery compartment took that hit and didn’t smolder. I only ever worked with those old 48v industrial wet batteries. A hit like that would have ignited a LOT of hydrogen, well, a lot to be a few feet away. :)

  41. Looks good.

    Reminds me of Eyeball Engineering’s Kawashocki electric dragbike. IIRC, the Rannberg’s had it in the 10′s or 11′s some 20 years ago. Nice to see someone continue the electric dragbike idea.

    I believe that they also ran the bike at the LACR Harley Drags a couple times as well and even got an article in a Harley mag, http://www.nedra.com/hotbike.html

    It was funny to see that “silent” bike go down the strip. And when bracket racing, you could really hear the competitor’s pedaling at the top end to try and not break out.

  42. Glad you’re okay Bill. Awesome bike. Funny I only run into you on the web news scene these days!

  43. I am glad you are well, Bill. You give one heck of a demonstration, sir—both of the speed of your cycle and of the stability of those A123 batteries.

    Please wear a helmet next time.

  44. At least you got some free publicity from it. I found this site from a video of the crash linked on digg. Glad you are ok.

    Cool project, I didn’t know batteries could fuel something like this with that much power.

  45. Glad you are okay. I’ve seen the cycle in action and have always been impressed.

    I wish I could try those A123 cells in my brushless trucks. I am just not sure they are the right choice over LiPo.

    The way these people are talking you would think that was their head hitting the pavement. Do whatever works for you, Bill. It is your right to decide.

    God Bless,

  46. I have to echo the sentiments of most of the comments I’ve read thus far.
    1. Glad to hear you’re ok & that the bike is repairable.
    2. You couldn’t ask for better publicity.
    I mean, what says “POWER” like the bike’s DESIGNER being over-powered by the Barely-Chained-Beast?
    “You think you’re man enough to handle this sucker? Heck, even *I* couldn’t stay astride the d4 thing, and I helped BUILD the F’er!”
    =D *Woot* \o/

  47. Saw the video on Slashdot. Yep, glad you are ok! No, you’re not an idiot, but I’d say you had a temporary lapse of good judgment (inexperienced with actually riding the bike and not wearing protective gear).

    It is my hope that you will take this experience and try to make the bike safer if at all possible.

  48. Dude.

    Glad you survived.
    Bike is a blast, keep up to good work.
    Your sponsor owes you big-time for the promo. (you are a u-tube star and you got your plug in, nice.)
    Stay safe

  49. Hello Bill

    I read about you for about 2 years with your KillaCycle. I own a TECC Viento electric motorcycle.

    I’m glad you came out fine. Heal and repair your bike and act safe.

    Dennis Baer

    New York.

  50. THAT IS ONE COOL BIKE! Sorry that you crashed but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bike take off that fast before! If you ever come to the east coast(mass) make sure we hear about it so we can come see you and the bike. Ride safe and wear a brain bucket next time.

  51. Love it! Love what you are doing with the technology and also I think you helped make a point about the safety gear issue. Have you heard the one about NEVER let the crewchief run the equipment!(;

    Could have added one thing right before the burnout: “Here, hold my beer, watch this!”

    Very glad this turned out ok!

  52. Dear Sir,
    I glad you are OK. I plan to be a future owner of an A123-powered Chevy Volt, and even though the engineers says they will be safer than a gasoline car, your video is powerful anecdotal evidence this will be true.
    Keep inventing!

  53. Really glad to see that you are O.K. – Maybe you should leave the driving to the driver. We need you to work out the technology on your awesome bike!!

  54. Hmmm, throttle stuck on huh? After you heal, better work on that one. That’ll be a real bitch in production, especially at a stoplight.

    You are one REALLY lucky, really smart, really dumb man. Do burnouts with a dual tether on the back, or with a chock (barrier) in the front from now on, eh?

    Oh, and get a helmet sponsor. I’m sure there will be plenty interested now that you are famous, and still alive.

  55. Don’t let all the haters get you down. Most of them probably have never ridden a motorcycle to begin with….

    If I had a nickle for every stupid mistake I’ve made I’d have a C-note worth of stories! Just glad you’re ok. Your bike is amazing…keep up the awesome work!!

  56. Glad you are alright, but make sure you become a very vocal proponent of helmet use and proper gear in the future…

  57. Bill,

    I saw your crash and am glad that you’re okay. I crashed my car at about 60-70 mph a couple years ago and sustain some major injuries, so I’m relieved that you did not end up with any permanent issues.

    Killacycle certainly almost earned its name, eh?

    Keep up the great research!


  58. If there is a god he wants you to continue doing your best for a better Enviroment. Keep up the good work, and let less useful people do the dangerous stuff. ;-)

  59. Bill,

    A friend who knew of my interest in EVs and Killacycle sent me a URL with a video of your accident. Quite a scare you gave us there, old friend. I thought we had lost you! Thank goodness you made it out.

    We fell out of touch many years ago, and I regretted it the moment I saw the accident. When you get to feeling a little better and have some free time, please drop me an email.

    And in all fairness, you know you should have been wearing a lot more than a helmet… :-/ This coming from a fellow rider. ATGATT = All The Gear, All The Time. Maybe next project could be to install a Goldwing airbag. ;)

  60. Bill, glad you are OK. That video was scary. Fortunately you have the fortitude to heal quickly and also take all the comments on all the forums with a grain of salt. Hell, you are probably laughing along with everyone. Seriously, get well soon!

  61. wow, glad you’re alright dude. Hurting oneself sucks !! :) holy god that thing took off like a rocket, couldn’t tell from the vid that you actually got it slowed. I assumed you freaked out and held the throttle open the whole way, totally a reasonable reaction.

    If that were the case I would be dead. I shut it down in about a second. The rest of the time I was slowing it down. Needed about ten more feet, however.

  62. Next time chain it to the mini van, it would be fun to see how far the bike drags it when the tire hooks up. Pushing the mini van just doesn’t work

    I could see by your feet that the tire bite was not expected.

    I had to come here to make sure you were all right, the world still needs your abilities. Glad it is all ok.

    Got to love the 123 batteries.

  63. In case your thinking your the only one…
    I had just finished a Triumph TR6, street drag bike. Pre unit, punched, ported .200 over custom fabricated intake manifold, I just knew it would be fast so I had some friends over the first time I fired it up. Of course, thrilled by the extremely snotty “Q” grind cam, I decided to kick it in gear, dump the clutch and spin the back tire for the viewing pleasure of these, my closet gearhead friends. (these things never happen when your by yourself) No way the thing is going to hook up on grass…right?
    If it’s any consolation, I looked more like a cartoon. Bike launched, stretched my arms about a yard and a half, feet trailing behind and no way to shut down as I tore about 50 feet into the neighbors fence. To the credit of the ‘audience’ the only comment was “your right, it IS fast”
    (dont know about you, but I was bruised in places no human being should be bruised)
    Glad your all right, we are working on a high speed electric car, and expect a few of these to be par for the course.


  64. Glad to hear you are OK! The video looks terrifying. Kudos to you for having and exercising the skills it took to keep it from being worse than it could have been. You’ve inspired me to re-invest in practicing emergency braking!

  65. saw vid. glad you’re ok.

    can these batteries be used for cars to alleviate oil dependency?

    That is the plan. If EVs are high-performance, lots of folks will buy them. Then, they will make a real difference.

  66. Greetings from Tucson.. That was one nasty ride.. Glad you’re allright.. You gotta stick around for a while so we can get those batts in some cars out here:) Keep up the good work…

  67. you are lucky… but imagine what full leathers and a helmet would have done for you?

    no road rash… no bump on your head….


    sounds worth it for the approx. 1500$ full gear costs (jacket, pants, gloves,boots,helmet)

    but in the end it saves a hospital bill…

    glad you are alright though

  68. Hi there, greetings from spain, im glad you are ok.
    Next time use a helmet ;)
    Your bike is a promise to all bikers, but need better sound, somithing that makes ROARRRRR jejeje

  69. Glad to know you are OK again … that really looked nasty.

    The electric noise you talked about on that video sound really scary … would probably keep me from ever riding a bike like that.

    On the bright side something good might come from your little accident here.
    Watching that video might help me to pull myself together to also wear the protection pants of my even for short city trips.
    All the gear, all the time is the only way to go.

  70. Hi there.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that you didn’t ware a helmet, I might accuse you for doing this a marketing stunt more than a “real” stunt :D

    I only know about your bike because of this, and you just got one more guy following the project.

    But hey – more important – I’m very happy you’re ok!

    Lasse Kristoffersen

  71. Hey Bill,
    So glad to know that you’re OK! Even my parents were worried :-) Since I know you – I know it wasn’t a publicity stunt but even Evil Knevil couldn’t have done better. Please do me a favor though and don’t start jumping over lines of fuel cell cars :-)
    See you the next time you’re in Northern CA.
    - Jay

  72. Bill Dube Wrote:
    “Important to note: Area in front of the bike was CLEARED of ALL PEOPLE.”

    Apparently it was not cleared good enough, because you hit a lady in a minivan.

    Get the facts before you write. The van was parked and unoccupied. Read it in the police report if you don’t believe me. (It is a public record.)

  73. Glad to hear you are ok.. That video did NOT look good.. It looked like you were alot more hurt. Anyhow.. Hope you get over this as soon as possible and fix your awsome bike! :D

    Best regards from Iceland
    (www.kvartmila.is the Icelandic drag racing club)

  74. Hey Bill,

    Nice roar on the bike 4 an electric 1.
    The footage luckily showed worse than it was. I’m really glad to read u r OK.
    Keep up the good work!!!


  75. Dude, nice bike. Glad to hear you are ok. That could have been really ugly! Call Z custom leathers and see if they will sponsor your efforts.

    Thanks for the tip, but Riders Discount http://www.ridersdiscount.com has beat you to it. They stepped up to the plate and gave us our pick from their HUGE catalog of helmets, leathers, gloves, boots, etc.

  76. Man! I’m glad you are fine. 0-60 in under a second-I thought you were dead. Can you believe the postings on YouTube? I can’t understand why people are so heartless. Killacycle is a clever name, but I think you should consider renaming it.

  77. Glad to hear that you are alright.
    Also I just have to say that your motorcycle is awesome! It’s acceleration is just insane.

    Take care!

  78. Just saw the video.
    Glad to hear that you are ok, diden’t look to good when you where lying on the ground.

    Take care!

  79. Im not even a motorcycle enthusiast and i stumbled upon the video on YouTube. I agree, you’ve indeed stumbled upon $1 million worth of advertising; to bad you had to crash the bike to do it! Heh, A123 should love you, from the video i searched to see if they were trading publicly, maybe I’ll buy a few shares!

  80. Greetings from Thailand. Your bike is cool beyond words, you are a true engineering genius. I am very glad your injuries were not serious, but I am sure it was a bit of a wake up call !!

    I spent a year in Thailand in 1975. The exposure to the unique Thai culture and philosophy changed my entire perspective on life. Wonderful people with a marvelous outlook on life. From the Thai viewpoint, it was not my fate to be seriously injured, but to be educated by the experience. :-)

  81. Glad your OK. I would hate for you to scramble that brain. As the world of information goes this was a good thing. I would not have heard of your bike or A123 batteries. We are living in an age of technological wonders.

  82. Protect that brain, buddy! We can’t have our best inventors popping themselves like that!

    You ARE gonna deliver 600hp electric sportscars within the next decade, right? Make Tesla scared.

  83. This is a fantastic achievement. Just most impressive to watch.
    Accidents happen, and yours had a great ending, i hope you will leave the wheel to a pilot next time :D
    Please, how could i find out more about this technology ?
    Best Regards

    The reason we are going so fast recently are the batteries we are now using. These are A123 Systems Nanophosphate cells. You can find out all about them at: http://www.A123Systems.com You can learn a lot about the rest of the motorcycle by looking at the photo pages on this website, especally the “motors” section of the photo album. The “About” section of this website gives the basic information about the bike, with links to the folks that made the components.

  84. I saw the video and was appalled. Thank God you’re OK. You’re not an idiot at all – but not wearing a helmet was idiotic.

    Yeay, A123! Have you considered using Altair Nano’s batteries, btw?

    We sought out THE most powerful cells we could find. Nothing tops the performance of the A123 Systems cells we are using. That is why the KillaCycle is faster than any other EV. It is like we are the only ones using nitro-methane. :-)

  85. I’m glad to see you’re not DEAD as is being claimed on YouTube by one individual.

    Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

    It’s also cool to see someone do something with electric vehicles that isn’t slow… (or in this case amazingly quick!)


  86. Wow I am glad you are okay- I have been following the progress and it is great to see the sub 7!!
    By the way some moron out there actually has the video posted that you were killed

    Way to go keep up the great work!!!!

    “Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated!” :-)

  87. Bill glad to hear your ok!!! I just watched the video. I met you at M.E.S.A when you came to show off that little VW of yours. Take care.


  88. Bill, as a motorcycle roadracer,professional motorcycle technician, and race bike builder for many years I understand how things can go wrong in a hurry (well, maybe not THAT quickly!). I’m glad your OK, your knowledge and mechanical skill in building this bike is just astounding and I wish you nothing but success in the future. Jack

    Thanks for the kind words.

    A123Systems keeps advancing the battery technology with increasingly more powerful cells. We on the KillaCycle team are scrambling just trying to get the rest of the bike to transmit the insane HP from these batteries to the track.

  89. So very glad that you were not seriously hurt. I am sure you are smart enough to see the massive irony here. Smart guy makes dumb mistake. Demo goes wrong, but A123 owes you a lifetime of research funding for the publicity they just got. I don’t even know what I can buy from them…but I will after I check out their website.

    I at least will be getting an A123 decal for my helmet.

  90. I just saw your crach on the “utube” and the comment was that you where killed….

    After some searching I found this site and Im glad to hear that you are alright.

    Its is realy a mean machine you have there – I was wondering if you would make a lightweight dragstercar in the same way it would also be awsome fast.

    Good luck in the future – and wear helmet :)

  91. perhaps you should let this guy know that your still alive and kickin…the vid says it all..or I should say the guy that stole the vid says it all….I’m glad to hear your A ok though!:)

  92. Keep on rockin Bill !
    No more casual demo’s man. When you blast off off, dress up and strap in!
    You are a great inventor!!!!

    Kenny S.
    Amersfoort, Holland

  93. Glad to hear you are OK. We NEED technology like this and it just wouldn’t do for the owner/innovator to be killed on his gear.

    Yup, you are definitely a gear head. Spent more time describing the state of the bike than your own injuries.


  94. The future is electric, to me that seems to be a no-brainer, and I love to see what you and others are doing for motorcycles. I want one!

  95. Glad you’re OK, especially about the fatality rumors. Keep up the good science!

  96. Hey Bill,
    I can’t believe the amount of morons who told you to wear a helmet. PEOPLE! He knows! I can totally imagine what was going on in your head during your interview and while you were sitting on the bike. It was a moment in time. You were fired up. And when the tire grabbed, you were trying to save the bike. Good thing you have all those kill switches. I hope the A123 guys still love you.
    I’m also glad that you’re ok. God was your helmet that day, apparently.
    Please trickle that technology to the automotive world cuz these gas prices are killing us.

  97. Still laughing! You’re probably all healed up by now. Did you get a helmet or is there a restraining order?

  98. Hi Bill,

    first I was amazed – and then I was shocked by your accident that I watched on youtube today.

    By the way: You should care for replacing the title “Killacycle Electric drag bike owner dies doing burnout” at http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=FeFrIqC57_U&feature=related

    Hope you’re in good health meanwhile, and good luck for your future!

    By the way: I’m part of a political party in Germany that is working on a breakthrough vor electric vehicles…

    Best wishes,

    Joerg Gastmann

  99. Gas prices at this time in Lexington, KY are around $2.00 a gal. However, the oil companies hook us and then have us pay more for gas inn cycles. I don’t trust them and I will continue to ride my electric bike as much as possible.

    By the way, these are the most incredible bikes I have ever seen. Thanks for an incredible blog!

  100. I hope your team continues to have great success by smashing all the records.

    And when you’re bikes are affordable for the average Joe … I’ll be the first in line to buy one.

    Take care and God bless you.

    - Major Mason Stonewall
    United States Army, retired

  101. You Rock Bill…

    Never heard of you or your bike until I ran across the headline.

    Glad you’re okay, a life lesson learned (hopefully.)

    I’m excited about the battery technology you’re working on and what it can and will hold for the future.

    It just gets better and better because of geniuses like you. Keep up the awesome work but leave the stunts to the pro’s.

    We need you to stick around so you can continue inventing and improving revolutionary technology and machines like the Killacycle.

    Godspeed Bill …

    Stephen Bard

  102. hey,

    just watched the vid

    pls dont do anything like that again… glad your ok and everyone can smile afterwards

    and also

    0-60 in under a second


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