KillaCycle on Speed Channel

The Speed Channel just aired a fantastic segment on electric drag racing. The KillaCycle team could not ask for better coverage. Here is a link to a YouTube clip from the show:

(Here is the link if the video doesn’t load )
The episode of the Speed Channel is listed as either “Rapid Turnover; Speed Records”, or “Speed Records”.

4 thoughts on “KillaCycle on Speed Channel

  1. Just wanted to say that all of us here love the bike and the idea. This is what true hot rod’s and drag cars are about-innovation and determination. Furthermore, the fact that this is much more eco-friendly is way cool. Fun to play with and better for the planet, killing two birds with one stone. Anyways, keep up the great work!!!!


  2. Awesome video.
    I remember hearing that a123 was giving you a new battery pack with their newer 32 series cells.
    Is this true?
    Are you going to go with the same weight pack that just produces more watts, or are you going to go with a lighter battery that produces the same power?
    Some combination of the two?

    We are waiting our turn to get a batch of these cells for the bike. It is likely that we will opt for the same weight pack, but with about twice the HP. We will buld up the rest of the bike to withstand the estimated 1000 HP we will get out of this new “Ultra cell” pack.

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