May 23rd to 25th at Altlanta Dragway

The KillaCycle will be racing at the All Harley Drag Racing Association Southern Nationals” in Altlanta Georgia at the Altlanta Dragway on May 23rd though May 25th. (May 23rd will be test sessions.) We have made some improvements (we think) in the motors, so we are hoping to go just a touch faster this time. ;-)

We will also be displaying the KillaCycle at the Advanced Automotive Battery and Ultracapacitor Conference and Symposia in Tampa, Fl from May 12th through May 16th in the A123Systems booth.

See you there!

Bill D.


We can’t afford a new one, but we really need a Toy Hauler (low profile, 30 ft or less) to go to these long distance events. A short (like 28 ft) 5th wheel or gooseneck would be ideal, but a trailer style would work OK
We will guarantee that it gets on national TV! :-)

9 thoughts on “May 23rd to 25th at Altlanta Dragway

  1. We wish all of you the best. Many of us wonder if the Killacycle has been converted to AC. If so, can we
    expect a high 6 second run?

  2. i am a gearhead contemplating building an electric rx7 or motorcycle why isnt anyone using brushless motors i own the hobby shop (rc stuff) and brushless /lipoly is all the rage and seems like it would be better than brushed but i cant find anthing on line for big brushless motors or controllers thanks glen

  3. Hi, in answer to Glen above, the brushes are actually a pretty good switching device for drag racing, since they will conduct 1500 amps at 160 volts without blowing up and they are not too costly. The friction on the brushes is a tiny fraction of the total power, and variable timing levers mean that the timing advance can be varied as RPM rise, just as you would do with the brushless controller. Brushless technology for big RC such as the plettenberg predators, is at 15 kilowatts at a puny 50 volts, whereas the dragsters are running well above a thousand amps at 160 motor volts or more. My advice if you want to build a brushless dragster: team up with someone who’s built sound systems for heavy metal gigs in stadiums.

  4. Your bike is awesome! After reading about the honda fuel cell car,I was intrigued by the use of a capacitor as a power storage (and discharge) manager. Could such a device be added to a setup like yours for even more power for a short burst?

  5. Dear Mr Dube, Thanks for a really site, its been informative and interesting. I thought you’d really hurt yourself when you disappeared up the Mall, with the Killacycle impaled in a motor vehicle and you sparko on the floor. In my opinion your a real pioneer, hot rodding spirit at its best. The hours involved in ‘spoting’ the contacts on every cell, the sort of job that that takes hours and hours, that usually goes unnoticed. The bike is at the real cutting end of development, all the available trick parts and engineering in one package. Bill you are a credit to the sport.

  6. Thank you for the really site and the brushes are good switching device for drag racing. Hope all things are good with you.

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