August 23 and 24 at Woodburn Dragstrip (All Harley Drag Racing Association)

The KillaCycle will be running exihibition at the All Harley Drag Racing Association, Northwest Nationals at Woodburn, Oregon on August 23rd and 24th. We will arrive on the afternoon or Friday, August 22nd and we might make a test pass that evening between 3 PM and 7 PM, depending on how smoothly the trip from Denver goes.

Woodburn is a fast track and we will be set up identically to what we were in Pomona when we ran a 7.824 @ 168 MPH.

Drop by the pits, chat, and have a cool drink on us. Buy a KillaCycle T-shirt prehaps.

10 thoughts on “August 23 and 24 at Woodburn Dragstrip (All Harley Drag Racing Association)

  1. Where have you guys been?
    Any news on modifications, schedules etc ?

    We will be running the KillaCycle at Woodburn Oregon this coming weekend, August 23 and 24th.

    Working on the AC drive system to replace the very strained DC drive system.

    Soon will have a very lightweight battery pack (about half the weight with the same HP ouptut) using the next generation of A123System cells.

  2. If you going for AC drive, then what type of controller are you planing and volts?

    Rinehart Motion Systems is building the lightweight, compact 500 HP inverter, as we speak. We plan to run it inititally at 375 volts, 2700 amps.

  3. Your on going hard work is highly appreciated.
    I pray your success with AC will prove AC is the superior choice for EV racing. Dr. Nikola Tesla would be very proud of the KillACycle Team.
    Many thanks to all of you.

  4. The 700HP AC drive Buckeye Bullet 2 is at the Bonneville Salts this August 2008 month. We wish them the best.
    It appears that the KillACycle AC motor, inverter and battery pack is larger than what the Tesla Roadster has?
    Electric raving vehicles ERV’s may set some important records this year.

  5. I keep searching for any news about the Killacycle runs over the weekend, but I’m not finding anything yet. Did Killacycle get to run? If so, how did it go? Does anyone have any links to Woodburn race results for the weekend that they could post here?

    We just got back. (Two days on the road home.) Will post results/pic/etc. ASAP. Bike ran well all weekend. 8.04 8.03 Couldn’t quite get it to stick well enough for sevens.

  6. I see mentioned Rinehart will take care of the inverter. Who’s going to take care of the motor?

    There are several motor options we are considering. The inverter is the tough part for power levels this extreme. Once we get the system up and running, we will turn out attention to optimizing the motor(s).

  7. Hey you all it was great meeting with you last Saturday at the Woodburn Race Track in OR.

    What a scream to watch you guys run the track at 8.o1 at 165 I believe on Saturday with temps in the high 80′s.

    I look forward to getting you on Hog for an interview.

    Will be in touch soon.


    Steve Johann
    Hog Radio Producer

  8. Just a quick note: We deal with AC motors in all electric forklifts in operation right now, and AC is definitely the superior way to go. We run 850 AmpHour wet cell lead acid batteries and have noticed a huge improvement in battery life as well as fewer drive system breakdowns. Good luck with all endeavors, and I am sure the AC will work fantastic for you…..

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