KillaCycle in Reykjavik, Iceland Sept 13th to 22nd!

Unbelievable as it may seem, the organizers of the Driving Sustainability Conference, with the help of IcelandAir airlines, are shipping the KillaCycle® to Reykjavik to show at the conference and race on the one and only dragstrip in Iceland.

The crating folks from CraTek came by this morning to take measurments for the bike, the pack, and the support equipment. (I highly recommend these folks. They work fast, make a top-quality crate that will get your goods there undamaged, and their prices are very competitive.)

We will be there from September 13th though the 22nd keeping our fingers crossed (and “holding our thumbs” as they say in that part of the world) hoping for a favorable weather window to run the bike on the strip.

The KillaCycle® will be on display at the conference and I will give a presentation on the design of high-performance electric vehicles.

See you there!

(This will be lots of fun. They have awesome geysers and stuff….)

7 thoughts on “KillaCycle in Reykjavik, Iceland Sept 13th to 22nd!

  1. We wish the team kiLLACYCLE all the best and good luck to their trip to Iceland ( Albano from South Africa )

  2. We KillACycle supporters are still interested in
    a description of your new AC conversion.
    Please put up a mailing address and order form for purchasing KillACycle Team tee-shirts etc.
    Wishing you do a 1/4 mile in the low to mid 7′s while in Iceland.
    The KillACycle Team are world class represenitives
    for Electric Vehicles.
    Thanks and all the best for all of you.

    Larry Rinehart (Rinehart Motion Systems) is building a very compact and lightweight 500 HP inverter for the KillaCycle.
    It will be 40 lbs or less, according to Larry.

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